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Solar led street light price

by:ALLTOP      2021-02-03
Solar street lamp, garden lamp installed must, should also pay attention to strengthening the stolen, when installation should also be taken into account, this street lamps were stolen, responsibility, there is hidden danger to people's life, so in daily life, we need to add the

( 1) House toward the problem of solar panels, this one have to be very attaches great importance to, the general solar panel houses facing south square, but if installed a compass in the home, with a compass bearing as the standard.

( 2) Solar garden light should be suitable for the installation of the parts, the main is considered fully installed after road street lamp lighting category. Under the condition of installation, the height of the terrain, peripheral have gigantic buildings such as this can damage to road street lamp lighting category, can prevent try to reduce the occurrence of this kind of problem.

( 3) After installed, the first to check the installation path is appropriate, see installation is strong.

tip guys of production of solar light, garden lamp installed must, should also pay attention to the stolen work of ascension, which in the case of installation shall also be given in, stolen road street, a difficult task, for everyone's daily life has the security hidden danger, therefore in the usual daily life, we should increase the management scheme.

the installation of solar garden light is also a problem that nots allow to ignore, especially for my installation, if the production installation, also can be at ease, but if I install, must pay attention to the several matters, installation is not very good, will harm all road lamps in normal work. Recommended reading: solar garden light a higher price than ordinary street lamp

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