Solar led street light farewell savage growth after pv facing a new stage

by:ALLTOP      2020-11-07
Solar led street lamp lighting markets continue to divide, mid-range Mired in a price war, high-end need to solve the problem of trust and information symmetry, in order to continue to expand. Photovoltaic industry is forecast, from spell scale, spell speed, spell price to spell shift quality, technological, spell benefits, say goodbye to savage growth after pv facing a new stage, new situation. In recent years, as policy changes and components technology progress solar street lamps, led solar street light industry has reached a critical stage of development. Lighting industry into the steady phase, the industry's lack of important technical innovation, integration control and photovoltaic (pv) power is one of the few industries. Solar led street lamp intelligent lighting is to advanced photovoltaic technology, lighting technology, the Internet of things technology, monitoring technology, intelligent AI technology, control technology, data communication technology, cloud computing, radio frequency (rf) technology, large data, such as effective integration, to provide consulting, design, production, construction and acceptance and operations and a series of services, for the global village, municipal roads, high-speed roads, parks, campus, new rural area, the scenic spot, accident prone sections of different scenarios, such as targeted building energy saving, lighting, entertainment publicity, peace, lighting, creative design, and multiple functions of systematic planning of green integration solutions. Want to learn more industry information or ask price, can call advisory
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