Solar led street lamp with high power lamps is not recommended

by:ALLTOP      2020-11-11
Now more than 8 m street lamps are generally don't recommend use solar led street lamp, generally need to use high power high solar led street lamp of street lamp head, so that the battery quantity to meet the lighting time, only the boat at this point of the high power light, solar led street light efficiency is also based on a suitable power led street lamps, the customer must pay attention to when choosing to buy solar led street light. If you select high-power led solar street light head, the area of the panels must be increased, but the solar panel is too large will inevitably exert larger load on street lights, too, wind resistance increase, rising risk, security risk doesn't conform to the principle of the application of solar energy street light. As the light source power is very big, if in the process of light produce a lot of heat, heat to heat up, solar led street lamp is easy to overheat. Has a great influence to the life of solar street lights, lamp holder overheating caused its burning drops, endanger the safety of the pedestrians. Believe in the future with the progress of technology, big power socket heat and energy consumption problem will be better and better, solar street lights will be suitable for installation. Want to learn more industry information or ask price, can call advisory
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