Solar led street lamp lighting the specifications on the market in the countryside

by:ALLTOP      2020-11-08
Whether people's lifestyle or rural areas caused by the reason, it is impossible to the requirement of solar led street light compared with urban use requirements. Because the city is also have a lot of walking vehicle on the road at night, if brightness is too dark, it is very easy to cause traffic safety hidden trouble, but the rural population is lower, in the night also in travel villagers or vehicles is very few, does not require solar led street lamp can be bright dazzling. So the height of the solar street light in the rural road use generally choosing 5 meters or 6 meters is enough for the solar street lamps, light source is around 30 w is ok, not too dazzling at the same time also won't make solar street light light too dark to see not clear. Currently solar led street lamp lighting market in the country has a good prospect in the development, the specifications of solar led street lamp used in the rural areas should also conform to the local actual requirements. But some places are need to display the local characteristics. Such as ethnic minorities, made specific images on the surface of the light pole, or on the top of the light pole features lanterns, or arm arm with a dragon. Want to learn more industry information or ask price, can call advisory
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