Solar led street lamp lighting device is the use of solar energy resources

by:ALLTOP      2020-11-08
With the progress of technology, people have been able to use solar energy resources in all aspects of life. Led solar street light, is the use of solar energy resources. Through the lamp panel, it absorbs the sun, stored in the battery. Wait until the evening to release, provide energy for lighting. It doesn't need to cable and other equipment, all parts are integrated, can only be controlled. Can say to a great extent, save material and save the labor. Solar road lights at the same time the use of long life, the use of LED lights, service life is basically a 60 times of incandescent lamp. And power consumption is also very save electricity, under the same brightness, power consumption is only one over ten of the general lighting. So choose such solar street lamp, can effectively save the cost to a great extent. The security of led solar street light is particularly high, the traditional lighting, is need to provide energy to generate electricity. But these lines, particularly big, if met, may cause harm to human body. This is in order to maintain, or passers-by, is a big risk. But it is not so complicated, led solar street light equipment and power is very low, about 18 to 24 v low voltage, even into the human body, also won't hurt. Want to learn more industry information or ask price, can call advisory
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