Solar led street lamp installation on rural roads, dynamic | | what are the advantage industry lighting: solar led street lamp manufacturers in the countryside

by:ALLTOP      2020-11-11
Will be applied in the new rural road lighting, solar street lamps has very obvious advantage, whether it is the solar street light, solar street light price superiority. Solved the problem of the long distance to pull wire first. Second solar street lamp USES is crystalline silicon solar battery power supply system, compared with ordinary mains power supply, sealed and maintenance-free battery, these are the unique advantages of solar street lamps. LED street lamp head lamp as using LED light source, high efficiency and energy saving, and the integration of charging and discharging controller device, and does not produce cost, more can maintain independence, and the direct power flow, stability, long service life, good luminous efficiency, maintenance and installation are simple, energy conservation, environmental protection, economy applicable solar street lights can be popular in the market. In addition from the security performance is due to the solar street lamps 12 & ndash; 24 v low voltage, voltage stability, reliable operation, there is no potential safety hazard, ecological communities, highways department ideal products. Can be learned by calculation generally a one-time investment, solar street lamps can be back to this in about five years, and have basic don't generate maintenance costs, and 3 ~ 4 years in general can save a lot of electricity and maintenance costs, compared to the traditional line lights, maintenance is allow the user to save a lot of trouble. And, solar street lamps installed wiring directly managing very large wiring fee. We have reason to believe that the future along with the urban planning is more and more reasonable, and the requirement of road lighting is more and more perfect, solar lighting will be the preferred products, market future as road lighting market update speed increases the market will be very broad solar street lamps, led solar street light green environmental protection energy-saving convenience etc advantages will be more and more popular with the market.
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