Solar led street lamp controller of intelligent adjustment mode

by:ALLTOP      2020-11-08
Solar led street light work in the system not only panels, solar battery plays an important role, such as the stand or fall of solar controller and determines the stability of solar led street light system. Operation of the controller is that you can make solar led street lamp lighting time requirements, reach a light-activated or charged with pattern or both run at the same time. In the application of solar energy street lamp, power of intelligent controller can adjust. Adjust power can control the brightness of the LED lights, such as street lamps in the morning adjustment into 30 w, late-night adjustment into 15 w energy-saving, such already meets the requirements of lighting in the night, and save the overall configuration of battery, solar panels and budget, you can also greatly effectively prolong the life of solar energy street light. Mentioned above is the solar led street light optical + adjustment methods of control, and pure light-controlled is when there is no sunlight, light intensity to initiate according to set parameters open load, load began to work; Light intensity when the sun rises to initiate the controller to confirm closed closed after the output signal, load stop working. And normally open mode is on electric load keep output state, this model is suitable for power supply load need to 24 hours. Solar led street lamp controller of intelligent adjustment pattern we want more industry information or ask price, can call advisory
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