Solar led street lamp can meet the demand of any lighting

by:ALLTOP      2020-11-08
Solar led street light, the power itself is very small, but the power and light than is very big, it can continue to be supplied under the energy supply of the weak light source according to the road for a long time, under the condition of the day the sun light, street light above installation of solar panels absorb solar energy and stored in the storage battery, low light conditions at night when the electricity use to be obtained, to realize the automatic energy-saving automatic storage automatic discharge the original ideal condition. Compared with traditional street lamps, each a year can save ten thousand KW solar street lamps. H power, that is to say, a pole solar energy saving lamps a year energy savings will be enough for a family a year of air conditioning power, it has a real green led solar street lamps, led street lamps same as green products, besides has the advantages on energy saving and other aspects or slightly inferior compared to the solar street light. Sometimes, street lamps for road lighting and convenience of pedestrians and drivers, do not need too bright. Sometimes, street lamp is reading under the lamp in order to take care of people, must be bright. Solar led street lamp power is small, high brightness, energy saving on the premise of any lighting to meet demand. According to the engineering requirement and actual situation to choose different wattage. Want to learn more industry information or ask price, can call advisory
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