Solar led street lamp application place is different, light wattage is also different

by:ALLTOP      2020-11-09
Solar led street lamp use belong to the non-standard product, the specification to be used and there is no uniform specification. According to different solar led street lamp application place, light wattage is also different, because the product size can be custom user application places, and so on choice also only need to distinguish between installation method. In general, the led solar street light 12 w ~ 5 meters height to choose 21 w illuminant, the height of 6 m solar street light choose the height of the 21 w ~ 30 w, the height of seven meters select 30 w ~ 42 w illuminant, the height of 8 meters choose 42 w ~ 60 w light source. Developed high-power led as light source, a 30 - alone 70W。 To thoroughly solve the particle assembly heat dissipation, short lifespan, poor performance caused by the problem. Solar led street lamp in the electric control system is equipped with all kinds of circuit overload protection device. Widely used in circuit in the system of the conductive copper base, silver plated to ensure good contact electrical connection. Worm gear and worm gear reducer of the self-locking capability is strong, compact transmission, the transmission ratio is large, in order to reduce the worm gear and worm gear ratio, reduce the rising torque, especially to increase a set of pulleys, lamp plate lift at a slower pace. Want to learn more industry information or ask price, can call advisory
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