Solar led street lamp and the development of new rural construction

by:ALLTOP      2020-11-07
Solar led street light energy conservation and environmental protection, relative to mains street lamp installation without go line without representation has facilities in a digging of a lot, simple installation and lighting effect is good, so the solar led street light industry has huge development advantage in the new rural construction. Since 13 years to carry out the new rural construction, many parts of the new countryside to use many of the street lamp electric facing street lamp aging, energy consumption, lighting intensity is not enough, appear insufficient maintenance, street lamp was badly damaged. And street lamp obsolete facilities, damage is not bright, even for people to come out to hang out at night, the night driving traffic inconvenience. If need to replace street lamps, or repair, because the utility of street lamp is in series or in parallel, so must overhaul maintenance lines, very troublesome, cost is high, so many places prefer to use the led solar street light. Current solar led street lamp used is a relatively new human body sensing technology, the human body sensing technology for solar energy-saving sex of lithium battery friendly, when someone street lamp brightness is 100%, no person is only 30% brightness. So the battery lasting use, and provides an efficient lighting. In the new rural reconstruction process can use the original installation of solar street light light pole, ordinary people also can be installed, on the human and material can save a lot of cost. Want to learn more industry information or ask price, can call advisory
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