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by:ALLTOP      2020-11-10
With the rapid growth of China's economy, energy demand is increased, the contradiction between supply and demand of energy. Especially in the past two years, the national electricity consumption and electricity load is growing rapidly, many regional cities appeared different degree of faults even electricity phenomenon, serious impact on economic and social development and improve people's living standard. The application of the new solar energy, solve the contradiction between supply and demand of energy problem, the current development of the most potential is the solar garden light. Take the solar garden light compared with the normal mains street lamp, in terms of energy conservation and environmental protection, the ordinary street lamp need to consume electric power, it will require the coal, oil, to provide electricity, emit carbon dioxide pollute the environment; Solar garden light, is the use of solar energy as an energy source, is a new type of renewable energy, do not consume conventional energy, nature will not produce any harmful gas pollution environment, and can reduce the use of energy. This information is supplied with lighting, source from http://www. jhzm88. com
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