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solar energy powers village economy

by:ALLTOP      2019-11-24
From stone cutting machines to manufacturers of solar lamps, the transition is rapid and rapid.
Chenama no longer works in the hot sun to make a living.
She is now sitting under the fan, cleverly fixing wires, batteries and screws for the mini solar LED lights.
She produces 50 solar lights a day and makes Rs. 280.
Despite their illiteracy, chenama made a fortune among several villagers.
Thanks to the technological revolution launched by the National Institute for Rural Development, several inaccessible villages in the state are enjoying solar home lighting systems.
Even the rural economy is rising in technology transfer.
Solar lighting manufacturing unit of NIRD Rural Science Park (RTP)
There are a lot of activities here because of the various solar lights produced in collaboration with therive Solar Pvt Co. , Ltd.
Some villagers trained at the Tiloni solar training institute in Rajasthan state now have income.
They now assemble solar lights and maintain solar street lights installed in their villages.
\"We will also make LED lights in the next few days,\" said RTP consultant Mohammed Khan . \".
The solar mini light and the learning light are 30 times brighter than the kerosene light and can be provided with only Rs. 150 by NIRD.
Of the 10 Telangana villages it employs, solar street lamps are being installed for Rs.
3,500-breaking the myth that solar energy is expensive.
By investing in Rs
27,000 can have two lights, a fan and a TV with solar energy.
According to the government of India\'s Jawaharlal Nehru solar project, the government of India provides a 50% subsidy, loans from banks, and the rest of the loans are provided by beneficiaries.
\"The only problem is that it is not easy for banks to offer loans on their own initiative,\" he admitted . \"P.
Ivaram, RTP project director.
Solar energy is one of 20 economical and efficient technologies promoted by RTP to improve the rural economy.
Recently, it has also developed solar lights and freezers for fishermen fishing at night.
Nearly 100 solar lights were provided to 50 fishermen at the Odhisa sea Gopalpur.
Other innovative devices manufactured include solar dehydration devices, solar pest managers, and thermoelectric cooking equipment.
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