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Solar energy lamp posts six meters

by:ALLTOP      2021-02-04
Solar street light with battery component integration design, has a strong ability to resist wind, but how do we calculate the wind resistance of the solar street light light pole? 1, calculate solar street lamp light pole plate ( Including the lamps and lanterns) Windward area: because of the lamp panel with different shape, make the lamp panel

guangdong understood detailed solar street lamps, buy back to solar power station power station ground pavement road street lamp mouth, and don't need to busy to install first, should see lighting equipment identification and read the installation instructions for the article, and according to the provisions of the operation manual, installation and use of lighting equipment, otherwise may cause adverse effects.

basic parameters according to marking light immediately remove the embrittlement of leds, found the led lamp on both sides of the red, led lamp black or dark, bright leds jump, to remove the led bulb, prevent unsafe condition such as electronic ballast damage.

when clear maintenance should pay attention to don't need to change the structure of the lighting equipment, also do not need to remove the concrete engineering of lighting equipment, after the removal of maintenance, will be in accordance with the original lighting equipment installed, do not need to packing, wrong lighting components.

lighting equipment in use is to improve the maintenance, to increase its service life. Led lamp of the room often should remove with a wet cotton towel, and pay attention to prevent cold dampness invasion, to prevent the occurrence of corrosion damage in the long run or common faults common short-circuit fault ZouDian difficult problems.

as far as possible when applying lighting power master switch, do not need to frequently because of lighting equipment in often starting moment, on the basis of electric filament of overall are beyond the normal work of electric traffic, promote the filament temperature rose sharply accelerated sublimation, which will greatly reduce its service life, so try to minimize lighting power master switch. Preface: how to identify the quality of the solar street light LED lamps and lanterns
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