Solar energy lamp installation quantity and spacing requirements

by:ALLTOP      2020-11-07
Generally when installing solar street lamp, also according to the actual situation to determine the number of the installation of solar street light. If the number of solar street lamp installation is very much, can cause the overall price higher solar street lamps. In such a background and under the premise, at the time of installation of street lamp, if you need to install the lamp this path is not particularly wide, and even a little narrow, best installed on one side of the street light is enough. Spacing is determined according to the nature of the road to solar street lamps, such as plant roads, rural roads, urban roads, such as led solar street light power size 30 w, 60 w, 120 w, 150 w. The width of the road, street lamp how much is the height of the light pole spacing determines the street lamp, under normal circumstances, the urban road outdoor solar street lamps spacing of 25 m - Between 50 meters. If the solar street light is installed on the rural roads or village road, in the case of the light source is not very bright, spacing can be a little bit shorter, interval can be 50 meters, concrete conditions according to customer requirements or according to the requirements of the design to determine the size of the space. Want to learn more industry information or ask price, can call consulting?
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