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Smart lighting will be connected to LED lighting in 2017

by:ALLTOP      2020-02-05
LED lighting has penetrated rapidly since this year. After the popularization of LED lighting, intelligent lighting is expected to take over in 2017. The industry estimates that this wave of LED boom will be longer than in the past, LED epitaxial leading factory Crystal photoelectric, and packaging leading factory billion optical electronics is expected to benefit. This year LED plant because lighting of demand Crystal in 1st season low season in rare of hit a quarterly history High and revenue has been continuous two a month rewrite monthly History new initiative. Crystal due to 2nd season capacity full again with new product has start shipment makes products combination optimization 2nd season of gross margin there will be is obvious of rise. The main reason for the rise in the gross profit margin of Crystal electricity is the high voltage (HV) LED, crystal power in this field, received orders from large European manufacturers such as Philips, this year's HV turnover is expected to double. Light 1st season hand over bright of report card single-season cash after-tax net profit (EPS) It is 1 yuan, ranking first among LED listed companies, and its revenue in April has rewritten a record high in a single month. The legal person estimates that EPS in the 2nd quarter of Yiguang is expected to reach 1. 2 yuan, have the opportunity to challenge 5 yuan throughout the year. Yiguang is optimistic about the business opportunities brought about by the take-off of LED lighting. At present, it has actively deployed and built channels. After buying German lighting Channel manufacturers last year, it plans to purchase European lighting distributors this year, show the intention of LED lighting card position. Li Bingjie, chairman of Jingdian, once said that the penetration rate of LED will increase rapidly this year. After crossing the S curve of penetration rate of 10, it will show rapid growth. It is estimated that the US market will double from 10 to 20, the penetration rate of the Japanese market will grow from 50 to 70, and the LED industry is expected to enter gold for three years. Li Bingjie also stressed that after the rapid growth of LED lighting, it is estimated that there will be cross-era product pick-up after 2017, that is, smart lighting. Currently, Jingdian has begun research and development. Yiguang Ye Yifu also agreed with Li Bingjie. He emphasized that when LED lighting is popularized, smart lighting is a must, because LED lighting can save 85 of the electricity at present, if smart lighting is applied again, the power saving of more than 90 can be achieved. Therefore, Yiguang will not be absent in this field.
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