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Six highlights of the 2016 Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition

by:ALLTOP      2020-01-17
In June 9, 2016, Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition (Hereinafter referred to as Guangya Exhibition) At the Guangzhou China Import and Export Commodities Fair Pazhou International Convention and Exhibition Center was grandly opened. Guangya Exhibition has always been praised as a large-scale, influential, comprehensive and profitable LED industry event in the industry. Whether it is a well-known industry giant or a strong rising star, they use this platform to show the company's style. On June 10, this grand event of light and shadow was in full swing. Today, the OFweek semiconductor lighting network team continues to offer you the wonderful scene of the second day. Through on-site visits, Xiao Bian summarized several major highlights of this year's Guangya Exhibition: Aspect 1: The Exhibition Hall is no longer monotonous, pays more attention to color display, and pays more attention to user experience, more and more exhibitors are no longer purely displaying products, but using the opportunity of the exhibition to display the company's image. Like the gorgeous lighting and the Jinsheng lighting exhibition hall, the impression on Xiaobian is amazing. The exquisite layout of the exhibition hall is matched with gorgeous lights, which makes the visitors feel like entering a sea of light; At the same time, the exhibition halls such as sanxiong Aurora, Feile Audio and maswell have launched LED smart home experience halls to promote the company's products in the form of users' personal experience. Gorgeous lighting exhibition hall layout Jinsheng lighting exhibition hall layout International Smart Home Experience Museum of Feile sound Masville LED smart home experience museum in addition to paying more attention to personalized and artistic layout in the exhibition hall, major exhibitors are also the directors of their own products. In addition to the already mature lighting products, the major air outlet industry products have also taken the lead in this light Asia exhibition. Aspect 2: smart lighting is in the limelight. The smart lighting market is now booming, and it is very lively. Nowadays, the intelligent lighting market is surging. Whether it is the lighting giant or the Internet, they are rubbing their hands. A war without smoke is on the verge. Judging from this exhibition, intelligent lighting has become a hot topic. Many exhibitors have exhibited new intelligent products and technologies, and most of them focus on exhibiting intelligent lighting systems and pay more attention to user experience. Whether it is indoor lighting or outdoor lighting, intelligence has become a trend. At the exhibition, from intelligent power supply items to intelligent system promotion, intelligence has become one of the melodies of this exhibition. For example, pairui power supply focuses on the company's intelligent power products, while enterprises such as cloud-controlled lighting and Yibo lighting focus on their intelligent lighting systems. Smart products launched by Parry
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