Six Considerations For Hosting a green Event

by:ALLTOP      2020-11-04
Corporate sustainability has become a buzz word in recent months and it isn't going away before i write again. Many organizations are looking for new to help reduce their carbon footprint and make their operations more eco-friendly. One way an organization can address these issues is by making your meetings and events more 'green.' This article will provide 6 considerations which will help achieve a 'green' meeting or event, including location, production, transportation, accommodations, food/beverage, and takeaways.
Whether you're preparing for a small team building retreat or huge corporate launch party, or business meeting, you can along with your event production manager to create an event with regard to environmentally friendly. Linkedin profile is the practice great for the planet, it's also great for your organization's reputation and brand!
Here are six things to consider for hosting an eco friendly event:
1. Location. Picking a venue for your event is extremely and there are a few factors that can affect how green your event will wind up as. A LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified venue unquestionably a huge part of the right track. Your event production manager should be able to assist you find a connected with LEED certified spots. Another way to grade a venue is by general energy conservation. Do they use LED or natural lighting? Solar panel products to produce electricity? And lastly, try to pick a venue in a destination city with this increasing easily accessible for the majority of of your audience members. Hopefully, your audience can have a direct flight and employ public transportation, instead of creating travel emissions with multiple flights and/or renting trucks.
2. Production. Being a key player in a variety of events and meetings, your production company can help make your events more 'green.' First, lighting has evolved tremendously in the last few years. LED lights don't get hot nor do needed as much electric utility. Make sure you request associated with of LED bulbs. Always include the production company in the early venue negotiations, electrical, load-in location, and timing can be streamlined. Insist on a production company the actual reason a licensed designer. They are familiar the actual new green materials which are friendly to the environment and lighter.
3. Transportation. In addition to choosing an expedient and easily accessible location for your green event, great for you . consider broadcasting your event via video which will offer it to a wider audience. Issues reduce travel pollutants! Another easy way to make transportation to your event more friendly to the environment would be to provide a shuttle wish to and from major locations (airport, hotel, venue). It most likely even better if ever the shuttle was a replacement fuel vehicle! Lastly, you may contemplate offering free public transit passes to your attendees.
4. Accommodations. By simply accommodations are not located at the venue site, you should work with your event production manager to find an LEED certified typical hotel. You can use drinks . criteria for grading venues when you're choosing a place for lodging. Also your distance between the accommodation and the event venue. The perfect scenario would be that they are within walking gap!
5. Food & Beverage. You helps to make a huge effects on a green event by doing some very simple things as related to food and drinks. Try eliminating bottled water, and avoiding disposable cups, plates and utensils. Also consider serving organic foods from local, sustainable farms and produce companies. Want for taking it one step further? Arrange with regard to those food waste to go to a composting program. This will reduce waste for you to the landfill, and subsequently reduce methane emissions.
6. Takeaways. Everyone usually leaves opertation with a ton of brochures, marketing materials and sales camping swag. For your green event, try handing out USB flash drives that boast your corporate logo and may include all of really documents that ascertain have printed out and about. Chances are, those documents will actually be read and the USB key will be used for next several years. Not only is it eco friendly, it's also a cheaper alternative to printing and an excellent brand marketing small business opportunity.
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