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signify innovations expecting good growth in solar lights segment ahead

by:ALLTOP      2019-11-21
New Delhi, May 5 ()
Marking India\'s innovation, known earlier as Philips lighting India, not only from the rural market, but also from the urban market, all look forward to a good opportunity in the field of solar lighting, said a senior company official.
India\'s turnover in the last fiscal year was Rs 3,500 and is expected to continue to maintain a momentum of rapid growth
Double growth in lighting marketdigit growth.
In addition, the company is turning globally to smart lighting solutions with the goal of connecting all LED lighting products it sells to smart devices by 2022.
\"We have promised that all our lights will be connected by 2022 (
Smart devices).
Whether it\'s home lighting, solar lighting, office lighting, we\'ll have it connected.
\"If you want to connect, what will be the way the product is designed,\" Sumit padamar Joshi, chief executive of Indian innovation, told reporters.
He also said, \"it offers multiple possibilities when light becomes a number.
We focused on connected lighting and we did a great job.
We are bringing new innovations to this end.
\"Signify has installed 29 million connected light spots worldwide.
Excessive growth of solar energy
The cost of inputs based on lighting products is falling, which makes it affordable, which in turn increases adoption, Joshi said.
\"The cost of batteries and the cost of solar panels has fallen sharply, and people are increasingly able to afford to seek this equally sustainable solution.
\"We are again seeing huge growth in the solar sector,\" he said . \".
According to him, this category will grow rapidly not only in remote areas, but also in urban settings.
\"Imagine that solar energy is also starting to connect.
You have the most sustainable solution and you can connect, so there are many benefits. fold,\" he said.
Joshi also added that sales of traditional lighting products as bulbs and CFL are declining.
\"Sales of LED are on the rise.
It\'s 80 now (
Total contribution).
It was only about 50 years ago.
In the LED department, we feel that the professional department and the overall LED department have a good growth, the growth of the professional department is close to about 40, and the growth of the overall LED department is about 20, he added.
India currently has a turnover of about Rs 3,500 and the company is growing in double digits.
About the LED department.
\"In 2019, the lighting industry is expected to grow in high order
\"Digital interest rates mean India will perform relatively better,\" he added . \".
It is estimated that the lighting industry in India will reach Rs 15,000.
20,000 crore, turning to LED-
Based on the solution, it now accounts for almost 75.
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