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Shockproof sealed floodlight 1000W shockproof floodlight installation manual

by:ALLTOP      2021-04-07
Shockproof sealed floodlight W shockproof floodlight installation manual date, Changzhou Lighting Factory Lighting launched NTC shockproof sealed floodlight using spinning mold, piping treatment, low temperature rise overall, good heat dissipation, which can reduce the probability of failure , Adopt new technology such as piping to ensure good integrity of the shell, reliable sealing, waterproof and dustproof. The high-efficiency gas discharge lamp is used as the light source, and the power factor is up to. The lamp has a long service life, which is especially suitable for outdoor large-area unattended lighting. Using lightweight alloy materials and high-tech spraying technology, the outer shell will never rust and never corrode; the interior of the lamp body is double-dampened by structure and material, and the entire lamp has good seismic performance. Rated power W, rated voltage VAC Hz Light source type MH/HPS gas discharge lamp housing protection IP anti-corrosion grade WF distance-to-height ratio./. Dimensions φ×mm Total weight .kg Has super shockproof function, unique shock absorption structure, applicable It is used for large-scale lighting in various large-scale operations, construction sites and building facades, urban landscapes, engineering machinery, facilities and other lighting needs. Excellent performance, low quality and favorable price.
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