Shipments of LED lamps in Asia Pacific will exceed 0. 5 billion in 2021

by:ALLTOP      2020-03-24
For many customers in the Asia-Pacific region, energy-saving products are a high-cost lighting choice, but the high cost brings higher energy efficiency and performance than traditional lighting products. Therefore, in developed countries such as Japan and South Korea, customers' demand for LED products is increasing day by day. In addition, regional and national governments have also launched a series of programs to promote the development of LED lighting, which will become the main driving force for the LED lighting market in the next ten years. According to a new report released by PikeResearch, the sales volume of LED lighting systems will increase rapidly in the next 10 years, especially after 2015. Shipments of LED lights and lamps will increase from 66 million in 2011 to 5. In 2021. 4. 2 billion, an increase of more than 700. PikeResearch also found that sales of almost all other types of lighting products will decline during the same period, including incandescent lamps, T8/T5 and compact fluorescent lamps. Analyst AndyBae said: high cost and lack of consumer awareness are still the main factors affecting the development of LED market in Asia Pacific region. However, the news media recently reported on the price decline, and lighting manufacturers in the Asia-Pacific region have also continuously expanded their product lineup to meet market demand. Some countries in the Asia-Pacific region have been pioneers in the energy-saving lighting system market. Japan revealed more than 10 years ago that it would develop through the 21st century lighting plan LED lighting industry, and soon introduced some LED subsidies and support programs. Taiwan has also established a next-generation light source technology development and supply strategy to promote people to strengthen the application of LED lighting and material production and reduce investment in traditional semiconductor business. At the same time, China is also vigorously developing the LED lighting market. For example, in the next ten years, Shenzhen plans to install LED in more than 90 public lighting applications, street lighting and commercial places. PikeResearch's Asia Pacific Energy-saving lighting report describes the main technologies and market trends that promote the application of LED and other energy-efficient lighting products in the commercial, industrial and outdoor fields in Asia Pacific. The report analyzes policies related to LED and energy-saving lighting, market trends, technology trends and competition patterns in major countries.
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