Shipments of LED bulb lamps in Taiwan will increase by in 2013

by:ALLTOP      2020-02-08
According to a survey by LED industry organizations, Taiwan shipped 1. 34 million LED bulb lamps in 2012, with an estimated growth of 160 to in 2013. 80 thousand. LED agencies said that major manufacturers include Yiguang, Delta Power, Dongbei, Taiyi, etc; In addition, Toshiba and Philips are actively expanding the Taiwan market by introducing new Bulb specifications. A new market report released by market research institutions pointed out that from 2012 to 2014, LED lamps began to enter the home lighting market as incandescent lamps were banned everywhere. As the luminous efficiency increases and the price falls, the consumer acceptance gradually increases, and the LED lighting penetration rate also increases. In 2012, Japan was still the largest LED home lighting market, followed by Europe and North America. But, China of proportion increased year by year, to 2013, China area Residence Inn lighting market scale will reach 59. US $4. 1 billion, of which LED home lighting market will reach 8. 1. 4 billion US dollars, accounting. In other regions such as Europe, America, Japan, Taiwan and emerging markets, the introduction of policy standards and the active pricing strategies of manufacturers have also rapidly promoted the development of LED home lighting market. The LED home lighting market in North America has benefited from the rising sales volume of new houses and the sweet retail price of LED bulbs. Home lighting and Energy Star and other lamp specifications have also promoted the standardization of the market. First-line manufacturers are looking for business opportunities in the North American market. Cree, GE, Philips and other major manufacturers have launched low-cost or high-performance New Products to seize the market. The number of LED bulb lamps shipped in Japan reached 27. 9 million in 2012 and is expected to grow to 28. 5 million in 2013. The number of subsidized lamps for semiconductor lighting in mainland China will be expanded to 30 million in 2013, and home lighting products will be included. However, according to the survey of LED professional organizations, the number of people who can correctly identify LED bulb lamps is only of the number participating in the survey. Therefore, China's LED lighting still needs sufficient consumer education to open up the home market so that consumers can have a fuller understanding of LED lamps.
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