Selection method of storage battery industry dynamic | | solar street lamps lighting: solar led street lamp manufacturers in the countryside

by:ALLTOP      2020-11-09
Solar street light as a new energy is new bestow favor on, everybody is no stranger to solar street lamp, but for the selection of the capacity of the battery solar street lamps didn't understand, in fact, the capacity of the battery solar street lamps selection should pay attention to? How do you choose? Let small make up lighting solution for everybody. On the premise of can satisfy the night lighting, solar energy battery components as the stored energy during the day, at the same time also can store for meeting the needs of consecutive days rainy night lighting electricity. Solar street light battery capacity is too small will not be able to meet the needs of night lighting, battery is too big, on the one hand in kui state of electric battery, affect battery life, the cost of waste generated at the same time. Battery should match the solar panels, street lamp. Can use a simple method to determine the relationship between them. Solar battery power must be more than four times higher than the load power, the system can work normally. Solar battery voltage to more than 20 ~ 30%, and the working voltage of battery to guarantee to the normal battery. Battery capacity must consume up to six times more advisable than load date. Know that the choice of the battery solar street lamp, can be the best configuration when purchasing solar street lamps collocation, make the life of the solar street light time is guaranteed.
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