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by:ALLTOP      2020-11-09
As we all know, a set of solar lamp routing of five parts, respectively is light pole, light source, battery, solar panel, controller. To know the solar street light quality is good, we can according to the battery components and their solar street lamps light source to determine. The first LED light source, solar street lamps use LED lamp bead light effect is very important, although some LED lights, can achieve certain wattage, but tend to be short of photosynthetic efficiency, at the time of use, to choose the right LED lamp bead, good light bead can improve the light efficiency, reduce light failure, high color rendering. Solar street lamps light source of the radiator is one of the important factors to improve the service life of the LED light source, are also important factors to reduce the light failure, if bad heat dissipation, can greatly shorten the service life of the light source. The second battery battery solar street lamps, try choosing high quality colloidal battery, some manufacturer can use some inferior battery, so that the service life of the battery are often short of the expected requirement, a certain capacity of the battery has the corresponding weight, to weigh the battery solar street lamps, must not choose weight difference is too large. The third solar panels solar street lamp solar panels quality is difficult to see out from the naked eye, but we can examine his seal, process details, thickness and the quality of the aluminum frame and tempered glass, some undesirable businessman in order to save the cost would be to use inferior toughened glass and thin aluminum frame as solar cells, fixtures, such solar panels solar street lamps often easy to damage in transit, in use process resistance to hail ability is bad, easy to into the rain, so we in the choice it is important to note that these solar panels. Solar street light quality is determined by its configuration, we are purchasing is not without purpose to choose, to detect the quality of each configuration, can ensure that solar street lights can be normal use. This information is provided by lighting exclusive and provenance source http://www. jhzm88. com/
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