Scenery complementary street light isn't on dynamic | | industry said lighting: solar led street lamp manufacturers in the countryside

by:ALLTOP      2020-11-11
Scenery complementary street lamp is now developing so well, can't simply because people can mouth to say it, and if no scenery complementary street lamp & other; Real & throughout; , there are even more people say it is good, also can't cover up its disadvantage of the fact, trying to get people to accept the use of it is a difficult task. So the scenery complementary street lamp can be used so widely, there are other ordinary street lamp can't comparative advantage. Scenery complementary street lamps use two kinds of new energy solar and wind energy, renewable energy are the two have the effect of the clean environmental protection, and their stability is very strong, scenery complementary is can be used to the significance of energy saving, scenery complementary street lamps use no noise, strong ability to resist the typhoon, even on its technical design also reflects the different advantages. Scenery complementary street lamp in technology is commonly, can adopt vertical axis wind power as a power main body, this is can let the scenery complementary street light the fan speed is slow, can need not steering mechanism, thus reducing its failure rate; Can let the scenery complementary street lamp lights started, when wind speed is low, low wind speed operation capacity is very big, differ with high wind power need not too big, full the wind-light complementary street light curve, at the same time is not affected by wind and near ground TuanFeng.
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