Scenery complementary street light complementary design requirements and dynamic | | industry lighting: the rural solar led street lamp manufacturers

by:ALLTOP      2020-11-10
Strongest sunlight during the day, when the wind is very small, in the evening, after the sun light is very weak, but because the surface temperature and wind speed. In the summer, the sunlight intensity is very big and the small wind, winter sunlight intensity is very weak and the wind is very big, wind and solar energy so complementary agreement on time and season, determines the scenery complementary street lamp combination street lamp system reliability, more has the use value. But to scenery complementary street light to lighting effect is good, still want to have reasonable design, make it as far as possible in the night lighting. Reasonable matching design, the requirement in the local condition of wind energy, solar energy resources must be under the premise of wind turbines and solar cells use capacity as appropriate combination, can guarantee the road lighting uninterrupted. Scenery complementary street lamp light pole height requirements shall be according to the installation location of geographical environment, ensure the use of wind turbine is not affected; And the installation of solar battery components generally with no wind turbine blades is coherent, attention should be paid to keep the solar modules from light pole block.
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