Scenery complementary street lamps for it security requirements of each system dynamic | | industry lighting: solar led street lamp manufacturers in the countryside

by:ALLTOP      2020-11-12
We asked, for the use of scenery complementary street lamp is more rigorous, after all, it is the solar and wind energy use, both for its high safety requirements of each system, especially the light electrical safety requirements and safety requirements of the machine, we are all need to understand that every system requirements do not good, if it is to people's life safety as well as the use of wind power generator there is a certain danger. We need wind solar street light on the function of the system is very understanding, so that you can in the case of a failure to take reasonable maintenance way, scenery complementary street lamp is organic unifies in together, each system of the unit requires coordinated, ensure the safety of solar scenery complementary street lamp units, long-term, stable and efficient operation. And scenery complementary street lamp charging current meter indicates wind turbines, solar energy battery components current charging current, charging current can be read directly from the scale. Controller on the front panel of four green LED indicator light is power instructions, below the power indicator is power status indicator light, normal light, flashing said capacity battery charged, bypass control start, not bright generation part stopped working. Scenery complementary street light for its safety requirements of each system
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