Scenery complementary street lamp zero consumption dynamic | | industry lighting: the rural solar led street lamp manufacturers

by:ALLTOP      2020-11-11
Street lamp in our daily life is very common and practical, it gives us the night life and bring light and convenient transportation, people often ignore the street lamp power consumption ability, however, actually the normal street light especially on the highway of street lamp is also a & other; And power-hungry & throughout; , in today's energy shortage, it energy consumption problem is increasingly outstanding, so we need to use the scenery complementary street lamp to alleviate this problem. Scenery complementary street light is made up of wind turbines, solar cell array, battery, charge controller, inverter, system monitoring and control system, etc. Energy is produced by wind power and photovoltaic power generation part, respectively wind, sunshine resources into high quality electricity energy, with no electricity, so the scenery complementary street lamp power consumption ability is zero. Scenery complementary street lamp is the use of new energy sources such as solar, wind power generation, its design using suitable for the use of the new type of city lighting lamps, of course, scenery complementary street lamp is also to save energy and protect the environment and the inevitable requirement of development of circular economy.
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