Scenery complementary street lamp to use it, the cause of the priority development in our country industry dynamic | | lighting: solar led street lamp manufacturers in the countryside

by:ALLTOP      2020-11-11
70% of the electricity generation in our country are now rely on the consumption of coal, coal consumption that is will be a large amount of carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide emissions, it will pollute the environment endanger our life, so we should not be polluted environment, then change the energy structure of our country is an important task of the current development. Therefore we have to use to the use of scenery complementary street lamp energy generation is the most can change to a phenomenon, and the government is vigorously support the development and popularization of it. Everyone knows that today's two of the most important renewable energy is the solar and wind power, and the season both in regional and sex is a strong complementarity, scenery complementary street lamp can be solar power alone, also can rely on wind power, or at the same time since the solar and wind power generation, using the two kinds of energy, can make the scenery complementary street light work stable running. Is to have a scenery complementary street lamp life is very long, because the solar energy and wind energy resources are renewable energy, can be repeated indefinitely to recycle, not cause waste, at the same time, with the wide use of scenery complementary street lamp and the improvement of its scenery complementary technology, scenery complementary street lamp price is not so expensive.
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