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by:ALLTOP      2020-11-09
Why to say the battery has an important role in scenery complementary street lamps use? Learned, scenery complementary street lamps in the use of a year, to the solar energy battery components and wind turbines have a very big difference in the use, if the solar modules and wind turbine power generation complementary in can't meet the need of electricity, the need to rely on battery power to complement, in more than month of electricity needs, is to rely on excess energy storage battery. So the battery to ensure scenery complementary street light continuous power supply is very important. Battery to the importance of scenery complementary street lamps, more determine the battery capacity is important. Battery should have sufficient capacity, to ensure the normal order of the battery can provide scenery complementary street light energy. In order to prevent won't because of charging battery caused by water loss. Generally when choosing battery capacity, as long as the battery capacity is greater than the solar modules, wind turbine power generation peak current and 25 times, the battery will not cause water loss when charging. As the growth of the battery use time and the life of the battery temperature is high, self-discharge rate will increase. For the new battery self-discharge rate is usually less than 5% of the rated capacity, but the quality is not good for the old battery, self-discharge rate can be increased to 10% ~ 15%. The scenery complementary street lamps in the use of the power consumption during the decision mainly have two aspects, one is the battery working days alone. Under the condition of the special climate, allow discharge battery to battery capacity left in accounting for 20% of the normal rated capacity; Second is the battery discharge every day. For scenery complementary street lamps, depth of discharge cycle can limit the battery capacity left in accounting for 80% of the rated capacity. Similarly, in continuous rainy day and continuous wind is lower than the generator start-up wind speed difference during the load of electricity must also be obtained from the battery. So the battery has an important role in scenery complementary street lamp use. This information is provided by lighting exclusive and source from http://www. jhzm88. com
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