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by:ALLTOP      2020-11-10
Popularization and application of scenery complementary street lamp lighting in cities, helps to reduce the cost of the city, enhance urban grade, promote energy conservation and emissions reduction, and promote development of emerging industry. Can solve the inconvenience of rural electricity more disadvantages, people travel is a dark night, against the local economic development, so we should enhance scenery complementary street lamp promotion use. More of scenery complementary street lamp has obvious advantages compared with ordinary street lamp. One is convenient to install. Ordinary street lamp installation need to form a complete set of basic engineering, artificial and auxiliary material cost is high, the construction area is large, long construction period, scenery complementary street lamp installation is very convenient. The second is green and energy saving. Ordinary street lamp light source, with 400 w work day 10 hours, 1 year consumes 1460 degrees. Scenery complementary street lamp basically there is no power consumption, safe and no radiation, clean no emissions. Scenery complementary street lamp is very low products, safe and reliable operation; Each lamp that are relatively independent, not because of the electricity line problem bedding face; Use the light source is 5 - of traditional street lamp light life Ten times without frequent replacement; Does not exist because of material aging, such as roads and landscape transformation problem such as line modification. This information is provided by lighting and source from http://www. jhzm88. com
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