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by:ALLTOP      2020-11-10
Industrial development far beyond energy consumption rate, solar power will be the first choice of the new type of energy to replace traditional energy. Scenery complementary street lamp is the national & other; 863' Key support project, is China's first by the central funding, support remote areas large scale wind power and solar energy, is a nature of both poverty alleviation is beneficial for the sustainable development of environment and renewable energy projects. Scenery complementary street lamp belongs to a one-time investment, maintenance free product, the average service life of 20 years, in 2 - investment recovery time 3 years, income time is short. In the end, the development of scenery complementary street lamps, also & other; Energy conservation and emissions reduction, lighting lighting & throughout; ,“ Ten city wan light & throughout; , the implementation of new rural construction project is to promote the scenery complementary street lamp of high-speed development, become a green energy-saving projects in the emerging of low investment, high output, high value-added high and new technology industry. Is the new situation and new task requires our country fully recognize and strengthen the importance and urgency of saving energy consumption, enhance the suffering consciousness and crisis consciousness, then by use of scenery complementary street lamps, promotes our country economy's fast and sustainable development.
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