Scenery complementary street lamp is suitable for all kinds of bad and windy conditions under the condition of dynamic | | industry lighting installation and use, rural solar led street lamp manufacturers

by:ALLTOP      2020-11-13
The use of scenery complementary street lamp can be enhanced solar lighting products, its design is under guarantee the solar lighting system in advance, to join the use of wind energy resources. It improve overall beautiful at the same time, also has greatly increased the solar panel component part of the ability to resist wind, streamline arc at the bottom of the design have played an important role in discharging the wind. In practice, the product in any strong wind, typhoon, scenery complementary street lamp still security and stability. Suitable for all kinds of bad, strong wind environment under the condition of installation. Scenery complementary street lamps light source is using high power LED light source, light utilization rate reached more than 90%, glow in the same power, more than 50% higher than that of traditional energy-saving lamps. Led part scenery complementary street lamps and lanterns has also made the corresponding design specifically for the light source, has greatly increased the use of photosynthetic efficiency in road lighting. Because the scenery complementary street lamp without expensive pipe laying, so the use of scenery complementary street lamp without consuming conventional electricity, save electricity and energy saving, as long as sunny places can be installed, thus attracting widespread attention, and because it does not pollute the environment, known as the energy saving scenery complementary lamps. Want to learn more industry information or ask price, can make free calls
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