Scenery complementary street lamp is comparative dynamic | | industry lighting: solar led street lamp manufacturers in the countryside

by:ALLTOP      2020-11-11
For the use of new energy scenery complementary street light, we think it is should be supported, should take the scenery complementary street light prices rather than as an excuse to think it's not worth to use, said although The Times the value of an item can't be embodies in the price of itself, but in many cases, the expensive things quality is more trustworthy than the cheap products, so the scenery complementary street lamps use itself is not in its own advantages compared with other think. Besides, scenery complementary street light compared with ordinary mains street lamp, there is no comparability, in essence, though they both are as outdoor street light, but fundamentally they also only this same, is the nature of the different use. From the analysis on their working principle, the ordinary street lamps need external electric power supply, and the generation of electricity is takes a lot of standard coal. Is to rely on renewable energy and scenery complementary street lamps, rely on the rotation of the sun's light radiation and wind to produce electricity, zero emissions, zero pollution on energy use security environmental protection, ordinary mains street lamp is already can't compare with scenery complementary street lamp. Not to mention the scenery complementary street lamp on the maintenance costs and electricity costs, these advantages are to compare other lamps.
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