Scenery complementary street lamp combination of solar and wind energy use of the advantage of dynamic | | industry lighting: solar led street lamp manufacturers in the countryside

by:ALLTOP      2020-11-10
Energy shortage and environmental pollution, there is an urgent hope can through the research and development and the use of green environmental protection in renewable energy to ease the situation now, want to say now green renewable energy development and use of the best is the solar energy and wind energy resources, increasingly, both in the field of renewable energy with the help of lighting, the use of scenery complementary street lamps for urban development and environmental protection has played a large role. Is not to say that the scenery complementary street lamps have what fantastic, but it need not use of conventional energy, won't cause waste of conventional energy, if solar and wind energy used alone, although all is the use of new energy, also consume conventional energy, but they all have one weakness is depends on the weather situation, the use of solar energy charging radiation depend on the sun's rays into electricity, if in all over the sky snow of winter, it is difficult to fully charged. The use of wind power, too, in the summer the sun's rays are plentiful, air volume is small. So these two kinds of energy used alone work run unstable, and scenery complementary street lamp is in using the two complementary combination of them, work stable service life is long, had a very good economic benefits and environmental benefits.
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