Sc: design and cooling of the led street lamp industry dynamic | | lighting: solar led street lamp manufacturers in the countryside

by:ALLTOP      2020-11-11
In recent years, the lighting industry developed rapidly, wanted to know the lamps and lanterns of street lamp market many advanced, convenient, mainly include solar street lights, led lights and road energy-saving lamps and other products. Small make up to today to introduce the design method of led lights, and led street lamp light cooling method, and then let us a detailed look at the design of the led street light, led street lamp design method is different from other lamps and lanterns is, it set the basic layout is not according to the conventional way, although the manufacturers are considering various measures: heat pipe, the loop heat pipe, combined with hot oil, etc. , but don't realize heat will eventually have to rely on external surface of scattered light, so as to affect the effect of fin, emphasizes the heat transfer part, ignore the convection links. Two cooling method is known to all, led street light led street lamp USES the natural convection cooling method, will be installed heat pipe, the loop heat pipe and forced cooling fan cooling, etc. Forced cooling fan pattern increased the complexity of the system, also reduces the reliability. Loop heat pipe and heat pipe cooling mode and the high cost of the design of the led street lamp manufacturers design is helpful to limit air natural convection cooling. Through the above content to everyone tells the basic design and cooling of the led street lamp, mainly led street lamp using natural cooling method, the design of the led street lamp is the lamps and lanterns is different with the other. If there is need in this respect, please pay more attention to lighting.
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