Samsung and lejin rush to market smart lighting to usher in new changes

by:ALLTOP      2020-02-23
The war in the smart lighting market is getting more and more fierce. South Korea's two major electronic brands Samsung (Samsung)And lejin (LG) In the 'Light Building2014' exhibition held in Frankfurt, Germany, it officially crossed the field of smart lighting and released new Light bulb schemes respectively to make the market situation originally led by European and American brand factories, present a new competitive situation. Samsung (Samsung)With Le Jin (LG)Successively inserted flag smart lighting (SmartLighting)Market. Samsung and lejin successively announced the use of Bluetooth (Bluetooth)And wireless LAN (Wi-Fi)As a light-emitting diode for communication technology (LED)Smart lighting solution, with Philips (Philips)The top Hue program is higher. Lejin aims at the market for the traditional 60 watts (W) The replacement demand for incandescent bulbs was the first to release a 10-watt smart bulb solution with a price of US $32 and a 10-year guaranteed life at the end of March, using Bluetooth and Wi- Fi technology, users can use Android4. 3 or iOS 6 or later mobile phone or tablet applications (App) And the Bluetooth Smart device is easy to control and has the function of interacting with environmental music or mobile phone; In particular, when the consumer puts the phone in the handbag and does not notice the incoming call, the connected smart bulb will be notified with a flashing light. Le Jin pointed out that the company's smart bulb solution uses both Bluetooth and Wi- Fi technology, so if there is no Wi-Fi support in the application field-Wireless router or gateway for Fi Communication (Gateway) Consumers can still use Bluetooth devices to manage bulbs. As for Samsung's strategy to enter the smart lighting market, it is different from lejin's. Its smart light bulb only supports Bluetooth technology and does not use Wi-Fi, so consumers do not need to install bridges (Bridge)Or wireless access point (AccessPoint) , You can download applications directly from your smartphone or tablet and control up to 64 smart bulbs. Samsung's smart light bulb has dimming function, which can reduce the brightness to 10 in a low profile and support relative color temperatures of 2,700K and 6,500K ( CorrelatedColorTemperature, CCT)Adjustment function; Each smart bulb has a life span of 15,000 hours, which means consumers can enjoy more than 10 years of high-efficiency lighting applications. In addition to the Bluetooth solution, Samsung has also launched a smart lighting solution controlled by ZigBee standard for the enterprise-side application market. Consumers can also use smart phones and tablets to control the color and switch of bulbs. Samsung Electronics in March 30-April 4 in Frankfurt, Germany (Frankfurt) The Light Building2014 exhibition released a series of LED lighting solutions designed for enterprises and consumer markets. In addition to smart bulbs, it also includes parabolic aluminized reflections (PAR) Lamp, decorative classic design LED lamp and equipped with electronic controller (ECG)With the traditional magnetic ballast (CCG)L-type lamps and other series of products.
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