Rural stability of led solar street lamps throughout

by:ALLTOP      2020-11-13
Now rural led solar street light throughout the bottleneck is not technical problem, but capital problem. Want to progress, the lower capital on the basis of the system's stability and maximum effectiveness, to reasonably allocate the output of the solar photovoltaic power and battery capacity and load power. New rural construction is a system and comprehensive project, rural solar street lamps in the temporary ACTS as a very important person. It can not only facilitate people's travel in the night, and planning outstanding lighting is a scenery line, in order to build a new countryside. Now present supply and demand two prosperous situation of solar street lamps, is now in the market trend of products. We also know that relatively remote rural road, it is the power supply problem in the meeting, unable to provide lighting at night. Therefore, low energy consumption, environmental protection, efficient rural led solar street lighting is more and more welcome. Many architectural engineering of the community, and now will choose solar street lamps to replace traditional neon lights, electricity, solar street lights in China are bringing in the new age.
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