Rural solar street light has become a rural business card

by:ALLTOP      2020-11-07
Rural solar street lamps began to slowly become a business card in the countryside, in a country like China agricultural country, rural area accounted for 80%, there is no street lamps and broad area, in the night, or a piece of hei meng is unconscious. The national economic development up to now, also need to take rural lighting into consideration. Rural installed base of street lamp will face a lot of construction difficulties, electricity problem difficult to solve, later period maintenance problems such as difficult. In the face of these problems, has been no reasonable solution, all had to be put on hold on this. The emergence of the solar street light broke the silence, the national construction of the countryside, the rural solar street lamp is the best choice, can get rid of a lot of problems, don't bother go line, through the solar panels absorb sunlight into electricity to recharge the battery, the battery at night to power a lamp holder, light. Since development to promote rural solar street lamps, ushered in the ferment, widely used in various areas and resettlement village, township roads, rural roads, as well as some in the park. In some areas of the rural solar street lights will be combined with local geographical features into the design elements, such as ethnic minorities will be integrated into some of their national totem. Want to learn more industry information or ask price, can call advisory
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