Rural solar street lamp design can meet the demand of rural practical dynamic | | industry lighting: solar led street lamp manufacturers in the countryside

by:ALLTOP      2020-11-11
The development of rural solar street light as the name meaning, it is very suitable for use in rural road construction, rural actually also is a kind of solar street lights, solar street lamps but rural speak more detailed the solar street lamps, this is mainly according to the situation of the rural economy and the people's needs for night lighting designed in conformity with the lighting lamp is suitable for use in the countryside. Because in the countryside is generally don't need too bright lights at night, rural street lamp installation is just in order to let the villagers at night can see way, usually in the morning, when passing pedestrians is very small, and street lamp brightness is too bright, also can affect people rests, too bright to rest, like during the day, so boring. Rural is according to the practical application of solar street lamps, so don't need too bright lights, the brightness of the design on the suitable brightness, light wattage in reducing, the need of the light pole in five meters or 6 meters high so that it can be, required to reduce the need of solar capacity is very low, so the rural solar street light price not too high, can meet the demands of the rural economy.
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