Rural led solar street light show the situation of supply and demand two prosperous

by:ALLTOP      2020-11-13
New rural construction is a system and comprehensive project, rural led solar street lamps in the temporary ACTS as a very important person. Now rural led solar street light present supply and demand two prosperous situation, is now in the market trend of products. We also know that relatively remote rural road, it is the power supply problem in the meeting, unable to provide lighting at night. Therefore, low energy consumption, environmental protection, efficient solar village street lighting is more and more welcome. Rural solar street light all the planning basically took into account the use of each link; Photovoltaic modules wattage selection planning and battery capacity selection planning now adopted the measures for the planning of the most common planning more scientific; Wind planning from the battery components stents did, with the light pole two analyzes comprehensively; Solar led street light and beautiful all the structure of pure; Practical operation proves that the link between good fit. Rural led solar street light to spread, it will do well to reduce production capital problem, to reduce capital, on the basis of improve system stability and maximum effectiveness, to reasonably allocate the output of the solar photovoltaic power and battery capacity and load power.
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