Rural led solar street light price is how much?

by:ALLTOP      2020-11-11
Sure a lot of friend without installing the bottom of my heart will have such a question, what is now rural led solar street light price is how much? Normally, the rural solar street light price is in 1500 yuan more - 2500 yuan between. But it is also a more sweeping a statement, is not absolute, it is influenced by many other factors. First of all we have to consider to be the configuration of the solar street lamps, it often will be affected by the local climate environment, rizhao coefficient, road width and personal aspects of influence to the requirement of quality. For instance, if the local coast, salt fog, so to the requirement of light pole, panels, frame, etc will be a little higher, avoid corrosion, the solar street light the price will be higher. So, rural led solar street light price is not a fixed price, but according to actual needs to adjust, therefore, when we buy rural led solar street light, still want according to their specific needs, not too much pursuit of low prices.
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