Rural led solar street light is very active in both supply and demand

by:ALLTOP      2020-11-05
The current rural led solar street light in both supply and demand is very active, is strong products on the market at present. It is understood that the village road far apart, meet there will be a shortage of power, unable to provide lighting at night. Therefore, low power consumption, environmental protection, convenience of led solar street lighting has become more and more popular. Rural basic consider using each link overall planning of the solar street light; Solar modules wattage wide choices of planning and wide choices of battery capacity planning with the most general planning method, planning more scientific thinking; Wind plan from two aspects of pillar and lamp battery were analyzed, and the comprehensive analysis; Exquisite rural solar led street light overall structure; Practice proves that good consistency between each link. At present, the bottleneck of rural led solar street light is widely spread is no longer a technical problem, but the capital of the problem. On the basis of reducing the principal, in order to play on system stability and greater effect, must be reasonable distribution of the output power of solar battery and battery capacity, load power.
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