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Review and analysis of domestic LED packaging industry in 2013

by:ALLTOP      2020-02-08
The development of LED packaging in 2013 is gratifying. The utilization rate and delivery rate of each major packaging factory have increased by to while the production capacity is increased. However, the increase in quantity has not brought considerable profit income, many manufacturers have expressed the helplessness of increasing production without increment. Looking at major packaging enterprises, the average capacity utilization rate will reach more than 80 in 2013. There was an increase of over last year. Many packaged listed companies have plans to expand production: Hongli Optoelectronics has added 100KK production capacity in the first half of this year and may add 200KK in the second half of this year. The expansion project of Lighting LED devices costing 0. 1 billion yuan for jufei Optoelectronics was completed in September 30 this year. The investment in production equipment for the Lighting LED product technological transformation project raised by Ruifeng optoelectronics in the first half of 2013 has been fully implemented, with an annual production capacity increase of 1,350kk and an annual production capacity of 2,470kk for Lighting LED products. At the same time, Ruifeng Optoelectronics will start the construction of SMDLED expansion project with a cycle of 2013- In June 30, 2014, after the expansion project was completed, the annual output of the company's lighting LED products was 8388KK. In 2013, LED packaging enterprises have changed significantly, especially the listed packaging enterprises have shown common characteristics: the overall performance has steadily increased, but the main business strength and actual profitability are not ideal, profits fell. The price of domestic LED devices will continue the trend of price decline, but due to the increase in the penetration rate of medium and large size backlight and lighting products, the price decline will be narrowed and the gross profit margin will gradually stabilize. Worth a mention of 2013 of LED white light device because home lighting and commercial lighting of pull white light patch device 2013 especially before six months of rapid growth drive the package industry of rapid development, some large packaging factories are in full load state, and it is precisely for this reason that white light devices have entered the whirlpool of price war and price reduction, resulting in many manufacturers increasing production and not increasing income. Judging from the relevant financial reports for 2013 released by various packaging listed companies, the gross profit margin of white light devices of various companies has shown a downward trend. Operating income of Hongli optoelectronic white light devices, which is mainly engaged in white light business, increased. 34, but LampLED Gross profit fell 9. 35, SMDLED Gross profit fell 9. 84; Ruifeng optoelectronic LED lighting device Operating income increased by 49. Gross profit dropped 4. From last year. 89; Jufei Photoelectric LED lighting device revenue increased by 42 compared with last year, with a gross profit of 20. 16, but profits fell by 5. 59. 2013, china led package output value growth amplitude much higher than in average which lighting still is 2013, china led package market Big of field accounted for than to 43. Influenced by the rapid growth of China's LED commercial lighting market demand, the performance of China's lighting device packaging manufacturers represented by Jason, Hongli optoelectronics and Changfang lighting continues to soar, localization of high-quality chips has greatly improved the competitive position of China's LED lighting packaging industry. Domestic chips have already occupied more than 70% of the domestic chip market. In the backlight field, the performance of manufacturers such as Ruifeng Optoelectronics, Dongshan Precision, zhaochi and Yimei core has grown rapidly and has entered the supply chain of China's six major TV manufacturers. The experience of supplying brand manufacturers is obviously helpful to improve the quality control and management ability of the domestic LED packaging industry, and also accumulates necessary strength for Chinese packaging enterprises to participate in the competition. Emerging fields such as lights and flashed, the market situation dominated by international manufacturers is expected to change. China's packaging manufacturers are actively infiltrating into these emerging application markets with a keen sense of smell. With the lighting, backlight and display market nearly fully competitive, these emerging fields are expected to become new hunting grounds for Chinese packaging manufacturers in the future. From the market point of view, the main challenge for Chinese LED packaging manufacturers to increase their share in the future still comes from technology. In 2013, EMC bracket packaging, FlipChip and wafer-level packaging (CSP)And other emerging technologies. Dehao Runda and Sanan optoelectronic Flipchip technologies have been successfully developed, and EMC bracket packaging has also attracted much attention. Manufacturers such as tiandian, smyder, Hongli, Ruifeng and Jingke have introduced EMC packaging production lines. Although it is not enough to affect the reshaping of the competition pattern, the impact on the existing industrial model is still worth noting. It will still take time to verify how these new materials and technologies will affect the existing industrial form in the next few years.
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