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Revenue of LED lighting products grows rapidly in 2014

by:ALLTOP      2020-01-29
According to relevant LED data, the accumulation of LED driver IC manufacturers in 2013 LED to the consolidation of the LED display industry. Coupled with the impact of LED bidding, the revenue and profit performance were relatively weak. The revenue of LED lighting products with low base period in 2013 will jump sharply next year. Relevant industry insiders predict that the revenue of LED lighting products including IC and modules accumulated last year is expected to be 2 ~ compared with 2014 ~ 3 times multiple growth. If the LED lighting industry uses T8 lamps ( Accumulating the current shipment is 12 ~ similar to the T8 specification ~ 20WLED lighting products mainly) For example, this year's penetration rate is about 2 ~ 3, next year is expected to increase to about 10, and the accumulation next year will be to fight for the T8 lamp market accounted for about 0. 1 is the target. Through 2013- The market prospect and Enterprise Analysis Report of the LED lighting industry in the Pearl River Delta in 2017 shows that the LED display industry should still be able to maintain an annual growth rate of about, the revenue of LED lighting production lines in 2014 is temporarily the same as this year. The obvious growth rate in 2014 will be the LED lighting product line, which accounts for a slight proportion of revenue this year. The LED industry analysis report shows that it will be able to rise with the commercial lighting customers entering South Korea and other places and the appearance of the channel layout. If the rest of the revenue from modules and systems is added, revenue of LED lighting products in 2014 is expected to grow to 3 ~ 0. 4 billion yuan, and challenge the level of revenue.
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