Reveal the solar energy street light 3 big questions dynamic | | industry lighting: solar led street lamp manufacturers in the countryside

by:ALLTOP      2020-11-09
Though the solar street light has been the development application, but they still have many questions for it. What question is often meet? Let small make up for these questions to answer everyone. 1, the progress of the booster circuit power for solar street light LED lights what effect? Low power solar street lights usually have booster circuit, if choose vibration circuit, the inductive booster. Inductance to choose the standard color code inductor, using an open magnetic circuit in the standard color code inductor, magnetic flux loss is big, so the circuit power is low. If choose closed magnetic circuit inductance booster, such as copper, booster circuit power will have a great progress. The characteristics of the LED near zener diode, operating voltage change 0. 1 v, assignments may change the current 20 ma. For the sake of safety, usually use serial current limiting resistor, great energy loss is obviously not appropriate solar street lights, and LED brightness change with operating voltage, and must be active current limit, otherwise will damage the LED. Often LED the peak current of 50-100 ma, the high energy battery reverse connection may be battery light, high peak voltage booster circuit is perhaps more than the limit, when damage to the LED. 2, solar street light what battery encapsulation mode the current solar street light battery encapsulation mode there are two primary, laminated and glue. Laminated technology can ensure the solar cells work life spans more than 25 years, glue whereas an beautiful, but a good battery homework just 1 to 2 years. Therefore, small power under 1 w solar street light, in cases which do not require too high stature, can use a glue encapsulation way, there are rules about use fixed number of year of solar street lights, suggest using laminated packaging way. The process of the 3 lights, solar street lamp lights out what kind of? Is coming on the fading process, it can add solar street light shining on the one hand, on the other hand can be altered to shine duty ratio control battery uniform output current, extension system operation time, perhaps in the same condition, can reduce the solar battery power.
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