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Research on development status and prospect of LED lighting industry

by:ALLTOP      2020-02-27
The development of LED lighting in 1879, Edison invented the incandescent lamp in the world, using carbon filament as filament, which started the second revolution in the history of human lighting. The principle of incandescent lamp is that the filament generates visible light by heating, the luminous efficiency is low, and the efficiency of converting electric energy into light energy is less than 5. In 1940s, fluorescent lamps appeared, and the energy conversion efficiency increased to 25, becoming the second revolution of lighting technology. In 1962, LED light sources appeared, and the energy conversion efficiency increased to more than 60. Compared with various traditional light sources, LED light sources have the advantages of long service life, excellent energy-saving performance, rich colors and so on, thus becoming the third revolution of lighting technology. With the continuous development of LED technology, LED is breaking through the problems of light attenuation, heat dissipation, light efficiency and so on, and gradually becoming a recognized new energy-saving and environment-friendly light source, it has been gradually widely used in landscape decoration lighting, portable lighting, outdoor building lighting and other fields. Since 2011, LED lighting has made breakthroughs in indoor lighting, road lighting and other fields, and is expected to become the mainstream around 2015. The development of domestic LED lighting industry in early 2006, the State Council issued the Outline of the National Medium-and long-term science and technology development plan, which included high-efficiency, energy-saving and long-life semiconductor lighting products in the medium-and long-term planning key areas (Energy)The priority theme (Industrial energy saving), Causing widespread concern at home and abroad; In October of the same year, the major project of semiconductor lighting project in the national 11th five-year 863 plan was officially launched. On January 10, 2008, the National Ministry of Finance and the National Development and Reform Commission jointly issued the Interim Measures for the administration of financial subsidy funds for the promotion of high-efficiency lighting products to promote the rapid development of the LED industry. In 2009, the Ministry of Science and Technology successively launched the pilot work of ten-city wanzhan semiconductor lighting application project in 21 cities. The public space in the city, such as roads, tunnels, parking lots, gas stations and other places, vigorously promote the installation of LED lighting fixtures. On November 4, 2011, the National Development and Reform Commission jointly issued the 'announcement on the gradual prohibition of the import and sale of ordinary lighting incandescent lamps' issued by the five ministries and commissions clearly stated that incandescent lamps will be phased out and planned to be by October 1, 2016, ordinary incandescent lamps will completely withdraw from the market. In July 11, 2012, the Ministry of Science and Technology issued the 'Twelfth Five-year special plan for the development of semiconductor lighting technology'. The plan proposes that by 2015, the scale of China's semiconductor lighting industry will reach 500 billion yuan, and 20- 30 leading enterprises with core technologies, independent intellectual property rights and independent brands support 40- 50 innovative high-tech enterprises, build 50 ten-city pilot demonstration cities and 20 industrialization bases with strong innovation ability and distinctive features, improve the industrial chain, optimize the industrial structure and increase the market share, significantly enhance the international competitiveness of the semiconductor lighting industry. The promulgation and implementation of the above policies and measures have played a huge role in promoting China's LED lighting industry. According to '2014-' published by OFweek Industry Research Center- According to the 2017 China LED lighting industry market research and forecast analysis report, China's LED lighting industry has seen rapid growth in recent years. In 2009, the output value of China's LED lighting industry was only 232. 8. 8 billion yuan, but by 2013, the output value of China's LED lighting industry has exceeded 110 billion yuan, with an average annual growth rate. 50. There are tens of thousands of domestic LED lighting enterprises in the domestic LED lighting industry competition, but there are generally small-scale, weak technical strength and low-grade products. The products are still dominated by foreign manufacturers. From the perspective of regional distribution, domestic lighting manufacturers are mainly distributed in the Pearl River Delta region and the Yangtze River Delta region. Similar to the distribution of traditional lighting enterprises, Chinese LED lighting enterprises are mainly distributed in the above two regions. However, compared with the Yangtze River Delta region, many LED packaging enterprises and accessories manufacturers are distributed in the Pearl River Delta region, which has a more complete LED industry chain, so LED lighting enterprises are more distributed in the Pearl River Delta region. Analysis on the development prospect of domestic LED lighting industry, judging from the development prospect of LED application field in China, LED lighting is facing broad development space. In recent years, with the continuous breakthrough of LED white light emitting efficiency and the decrease of cost, the pace of LED entering the field of general lighting has gradually accelerated, it is expected to become a substitute for traditional lighting sources such as incandescent lamps and fluorescent lamps in the next few years. In 2014- In the 2017 China LED Lighting Industry Market Research and Forecast Analysis Report, OFweek Industry Research Center also predicted the prospect of LED lighting industry in the next two years. It is estimated that the output value of China's LED lighting industry will increase by 180 billion to yuan in 2014. To further understand the current situation, market segments, trends and prospects of the LED lighting industry, please contact OFweek Industry Research Center and subscribe to '2014- 2017 China LED lighting industry market research and forecast analysis report. The report analyzes in detail the current policy environment, development status, government procurement, competition status, market segments ( Commercial Lighting, landscape lighting, home lighting, road lighting, etc), Key areas ( Pearl River Delta region, Yangtze River Delta region, Fujian and Jiangxi region) , LED lighting industry business situation, LED lighting industry development prospects.
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