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Research and Analysis on the dominant position of domestic electric tools in 2012

by:ALLTOP      2020-02-11
Since the 1990s S, through efforts, the dominant position of domestic electric tools has gradually formed in China's electric tools market and has been further consolidated in recent years. In the domestic power tool market, the sales volume of domestic power tools has accounted for of the total sales volume, while various imported brand products only account for of the market share. In the foreign power tool market, the proportion of Chinese manufacturing continues to expand, and China has become a production base for power tools. Since the first half of 2008, domestic electric tool brands have taken the lead and become the market leader. In another 5 or 10 years, in China's electric tools market, the share of domestic electric tools will be improved and their competitiveness will be stronger. The main reason is that domestic electric tools, regardless of appearance, still, the internal quality is basically OR can already compete with the imported brand, but the sales price is only 1/3 or even lower than that of the imported brand. Many import and export brands of electric tools hand-held tools, removable tools and garden tools are licensed by many domestic electric tool enterprises, including many professional or semi-professional electric tools. Since it can produce professional and semi-professional power tools for internationally famous power tool enterprises, of course, the level of self-produced brand power tools can also reach the level of foreign products. There is an electric power tool enterprise in China that still insists on the high quality of its own brand products designed and manufactured by itself when producing some kinds of electric power tools for a famous international electric power tool enterprise, and it is better than OEM products especially in service life, thus maintaining independent intellectual property rights and not contributing its own patents to foreign investors due to the production of OEM products. This approach is very accurate. Even if you can't receive orders from this famous foreign power tool company in the future, you must maintain your intellectual property rights and high-quality products, this will consolidate the domestic market share and expand year by year. Any enterprise that does this has strong competitiveness in its products. The domestic power tool market is more selective about the quality and brand of power tools. Whether it is a power tool dealer or a direct user of Pan Bo, they all face up to the quality and brand of power tools. Therefore, the market is inclined to good quality and good brand power tools. This is an improvement, indicating that the power tool market is becoming more and more mature. Because of this, the brand awareness and brand effect of the domestic electric tool market are even more prominent. Many electric tool dealers, especially those with slight strength and scale, they all showed high enthusiasm for the distribution of good brand power tools. It is also because of this that the products of the 6 electric power tool enterprises that have won the title of China and a batch of electric power tool products that have won the provincial and municipal titles have received more care from the market and generally feel that the market has sold well, production seems busy, and some even shout too late to produce. Shanghai Ruiqi Tools Co. , Ltd. , Zhejiang Boda Electric Appliance Co. , Ltd. , Tieying electric tools Co. , Ltd. , Jiangsu Dongcheng electric tools Co. , Ltd. and other electric tools enterprises with good quality and brand quality, the marketing situation is very good. Industry insiders have reflected that Dongcheng brand electric tools, like those produced by Jiangsu Dongcheng electric tools Co. , Ltd. , have a good market. Many dealers are competing to act as agents or operators, and their careful operation has produced positive effects. In order to expand the market, Jiangsu Dongcheng electric tools Co. , Ltd. has strengthened marketing management and after-sales service, and implemented Dongcheng brand stores, which not only effectively promoted marketing, but also curbed the breeding of counterfeit products. It is also understood that such powerful enterprises as Jiangsu Dongcheng electric tools Co. , Ltd, in the aspect of domestic marketing, we pay great attention to relying on the distribution and maintenance of electric tools distributed by Qidong villagers in major, medium and even small cities at the county level to serve ourselves. Because of the help of villagers, marketing has been promoted to large, medium and small cities all over the country, with marketing outlets scattered and almost snared. (Source: China Industry Research Network)
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