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Recently popular choice of explosion-proof induction lamp SBF6102

by:ALLTOP      2021-04-07
Recently popular explosion-proof induction lamps SBF chooses which explosion-proof induction lamps are popular recently, SBD-YQL maintenance-free energy-saving explosion-proof lamps, SBD explosion-proof floodlights, SBF-YQL maintenance-free energy-saving, waterproof, dust-proof and anticorrosive lamps, SBF-YQL Dust-proof and anti-corrosion lamps, SBF waterproof, dust-proof and anti-corrosion lamps, SBR series maintenance-free energy-saving explosion-proof road lights, SBD maintenance-free energy-saving explosion-proof lights factory direct sales. Specializing in manufacturing SBD-YQL maintenance-free energy-saving explosion-proof lamps, SBD-YQL series maintenance-free energy-saving explosion-proof lamps, Hengshang SBD-YQL is affordable, seeking partners. Features of electromagnetic induction lamps. Electromagnetic induction lamps have no electrodes and filaments, and have a long life , Long-term use, maintenance-free, life is twice that of incandescent lamps, and ~ times of metal halide lamps. .High efficiency and energy saving, the effective luminous efficiency is about PIm/w, and the power factor is as high as. It saves more than% of electricity than incandescent lamps. .Good stability, can still start and work stably within the range of voltage fluctuation ~V. .Green and environmental protection, passed the national EMC inspection, no electromagnetic pollution, no stroboscopic eyes and not easy to fatigue. .Instant start, no delay in start and can be lit instantaneously. .Light source color rendering is good, color rendering index ≥.
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