Problems in the process of using solar street lamps

by:ALLTOP      2020-11-05

problems in the process of using solar energy street lamp, solar street light is not installed do not have a thing, it is a good product only by correct use and later take good care of the long-term effective play a role. Solar street light is an integrated power generation and power system, its structure is complex, various spare parts, parts mainly include solar panels, battery solar street lamps, light source, etc. Coupled with the solar street light is outside, so prone to all kinds of problems, the following for you by gyu lighting solar street light where the easy problems

flashing lights, solar street lamps, brightness is not stable, in this reason, the first replacement lamps and lanterns, if change the lamps and lanterns or flashing, can rule out is the problem of lamps and lanterns, this time to check all the lines, is likely to be line interface resulting in a poor contact, please related technicians to deal with.

, solar street light rainy day can only insist on one or two days, cause the reason for there are two main reasons. Solar battery, solar battery charging dissatisfaction is the reason why solar battery charging, first look at how is the weather recently, whether can guarantee charging hours a day or so, if you charge only for hours please be assured that the use of such a situation is normal. Also check whether the battery is aging, cases, battery life is normal work.

, when the solar street light stopped working, first check the controller is broken, appear this kind of circumstance is big reason why solar controller is broken, timely maintenance. Above is three reason often appear problem is easier to solar street lamps, solar street lamp installed after regularly check, troubleshooting.

, try not to keep out when installation of solar panels, lighting effects in order to achieve. Maintenance and clean-up on a regular basis, particularly in the way of the larger dust to clear for once a year. Dust is small, parks, roads and village three years on a clean up, so as not to affect the charging effect. In order to improve the life of the solar street light, it is recommended that the solar street lamps use unit every year for the corresponding cleaning and maintenance, so it can extend the life of the solar street light in use process and illumination time.
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