Price change process analysis solar street lamps, solar street lamp manufacturers

by:ALLTOP      2020-11-10
【 Solar street light price change process analysis New things always have a & other; A - The rise - The rapid development - Mature and saturated - Began to decay - Be replaced & throughout; Such a process. Also, solar street light as a green lighting products, also go through such a process, then the solar street light price is also with some changes in this process. So how solar street light price changes? Today, focus on solar energy production and manufacturing of solar street lamps manufacturer according to give you answer. First is the rise stage, that is, when the solar street light has just come out, at that time as a new thing, solar street light is a very expensive relative to the traditional street lamp ( Since solar street light price is more expensive than ordinary street lamp to some) , when the price of solar street lamps itself is very expensive, the market cost is much higher than now. Is a new things, one is the production cost is high, so the rise of solar street light price comparing traditional street lamp is quite high. Followed by the rapid development stage, because of its unique advantages, solar street lamps from wiring installation, no electricity, high efficiency and energy saving etc. Get a good promotion, more and more get the favour of the market, also conform to the state of energy conservation and emissions reduction is normal, with subsidies. This time the market price of the solar street light prices began to form stable, on the one hand, the emergence of a large number of solar street lamps factory, on the other hand, solar street light products becoming more perfect, directly to complete production and supporting the solar street lamps production costs have been reduced. That is solar street lamps at this stage is to get the lower price, though some more expensive than ordinary street lamp, but given the problem a lot of solar street light project traders return on investment. Municipal purchaser, chose the solar street light. At this time of the third stage is the mature stage, solar street light prices will appear two directions, one is to cut prices in small increments, maintain the market price of the past, the other is greatly lower than the market price. To the mature stage, the consumer's perception of the solar street light more fully, the market price is transparent. Solar street lamps factory is intensive, peer competition is very big, price competition will inevitably appear to seize market, so the solar street light price decline in the competition. Other parts manufacturer produce inferior solar street lights, solar street lamps at very low solar street lamp clinch a deal the customers, this stage is also required solar street light phase of purchaser to polish eyes. Solar street light price change analysis, more than 2015 years, should be the solar street light is in rapid development stage and mature stage of transition, solar street light prices change in a year. So, lighting suggested the purchaser not covet is cheap, center on the quality of the product, the right price is important, solar street lamps but the product quality is more important for the outdoor lighting project!
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